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Who first discovered or invented the concept of "muscle memory"?

Who first discovered or invented the concept of "muscle memory," that our habitual bodily movements can be trained? Aristotle, in his De memoria et reminiscentia, realized that memory depends on our ...
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When did the idea of thoughts occuring in the human head originate?

The early reference to the brain is found in Edwin Smith Papyrus The Edwin Smith Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian medical treatise written in the 17th century BC, contains the earliest recorded ...
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Why was excess of blood believed to cause cheerfulness, hopefulness?

[ Etymonline : ] "blood-red," late 14c. (late 12c. as a surname), from Old French sanguin (fem. sanguine), from Latin sanguineus "of blood," also "bloody, bloodthirsty," from sanguis (genitive ...
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Why was yellow bile/choler believed to cause anger?

According to Etymonline, "choleric" derives from from Greek kholera "a type of disease characterized by diarrhea, supposedly caused by bile" with bile being "khole", so called for its color, greenish-...
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What did William Harvey think the stroke volume of a heart was?

I saw this quote in Richard Burton's Physiology by the Numbers Let us therefore take it that in a man the amount of blood pushed forward in the individual heartbeats is half an ounce, or three ...
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Grey Walter and Norbert Wiener regarding holism

Grey Walter writes: Even in the very simplest system, with two active elements, multiple interconnection between elements give several modes for which simple observation is useless. The study of ...
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When did humans realize that sex leads to pregnancy?

When did primates, protohumans, or humans make the connection between sexual activity and pregnancy? I notice that many ancient statues depict pregnancy or penises, this may (tenuously) suggest that ...
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Four temperaments and medical methodology

One of the traditional ideas about personality was Temperament Theory which probably originated from Egypt and was developed by Hippocrates into a medical theory. In the tenth century, it was extended ...
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