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Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck (1858-1947) was a German theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory.

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Context behind Planck's "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents...but rather because its opponents eventually die..."?

The open access paper Lehtola & Karttunen (2022) Free and open source software for computational chemistry education (found in this answer) contains the following paragraph: 2 FREE AND OPEN ...
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Max Planck and energy quantization idea

Did Planck have an intuition behind the idea of energy quantization of atomic oscillators and radiation, or was it just a mathematical trick to derive his distribution law?
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Max Planck's reaction to Einstein's 1905 STR Paper

It is quite well-known that Planck was one of the first people to realize the significance and importance of Einstein's theory of relativity. But I have heard a few times that when Einstein sent his ...
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How did Planck calculate the Planck constant?

Having started to learn about quantum behavior, this formula came up: $$E = hf $$ Where $E$ is energy, $h$ is the Planck constant and $f$ is the frequency. My physics teacher suggested an ...
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How did Planck derive the black body radiation formula without using the Bose statistics?

It is so funny that science never develops as in the textbooks. Bose only introduced his statistics in 1924, so Planck could not possibly have used it to derive the radiation formula in 1900. So how ...
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Why did Max Planck forbid women from attending his lectures? Encouraged by her father and backed by his financial support, she went to the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Berlin where famous physicist Max Planck ...
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What was different about Planck's quantization of light compared to Einstein's?

In describing black body radiation Planck assumed that the energy that can be absorbed or emitted by charges is quantized, i.e., they can only absorb or emit certain quantities of energy. But it was ...
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