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History of expectation of speed of light in optical denser medium

This question is triggered by information in the following article: Shahen Hacyan Refraction, the speed of light and minimal action: from Descartes to Maupertuis through many more First some general ...
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Does Fermat's Principle of Least Time imply that he believed light moved at a finite speed?

And if so, how did he imagine that light moved at different speeds in different media?
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Refraction in Newton's Corpuscular Theory of Light [duplicate]

Newton's theory of light stated that a light travelled in a straight line as small particles. When these particles travelled in a medium, they experienced an attractive force with the particles of the ...
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Reference request concerning an alleged Jewish contribution to the early theory of light refraction, and to the first geometry textbook in Europe

Page 50 of the book Gustav Karpeles: A Sketch of Jewish History. Translated from the German [by an anonymous translator]. The Jewish Publication Society of America. 1897. contains the following ...
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