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Did Cardano predict the date of his death then commit suicide on that date?

Morris Kline (Mathematics in Western Culture, 1953): It is said that he prognosticated his own death and committed suicide on the date predicted in order to maintain his reputation as an astrologer. ...
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Did Renaissance mathematicians once consider themselves inferior to the great ancient mathematicians?

In the book What do you care what other people think?, Feynman talks about how in the 16th century Niccolo Tartaglia discovered a solution to cubic equations. He says while this was not a major ...
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Why did pre-17th century mathematics mostly come from Italy but later mathematics came from France, Germany and England?

The Renaissance created a number of prominent mathematicians. However, later in the 18th and especially 19th century, Germany and France became the hot centers of mathematical thinking.
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Looking for specific book about renaissance physics

I read a book a while ago about the history of physics in the renaissance, which treated it as an alternation between physical-causal descriptions (eg. inertia obtains because air molecules are pushed ...
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In the scholastic challenges of renaissance Italy, what restrictions were considered appropriate regarding the incumbent's choice of subject?

EDIT Following Mauro's comment, I have altered my question to ask only about any restrictions that may have been considered concerning the suitability of the incumbent's choice of questions for the ...
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