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Resources to learn about the state of academia in the early 1900s?

Was not sure if I could ask this in the Academia Stack Exchange as the question is a little bit meta, so HSM looked like a more appropriate place. Apologies if that's not the case. There is currently ...
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Is there info on how Mayans invented hard rubber?

I know they had balls from the rubber trees mixed with morning glory flowers. A technology that was lost when the European colonizers came. But was there any info on who made this discovery and how?
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Have there ever been any schemes for the classification of experiments?

There have been several book classification schemes, for example: Dewey Decimal, Library of Congress, etc. Have there been any experiment classification schemes, i.e. sets of criteria by which to ...
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How did the intergovernmental panel on climate change get established and become the authority on the topic?

I am interested in both the science communication and the "politics" of how this happened. How did we go from "A consensus of evidence has started to emerge that man-made climate change ...
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