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6 answers

What are the most precise measurements in science?

In 1957, Littlewood wrote that these are measurements of time in astronomy. Astronomers operate with times intervals between astronomical events 1000 years apart with accuracy 1/1000 of a second. This ...
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1 answer

How does the science community decide which scientist to credit for a particular discovery?

In the science community there are lots of cases where two or more scientists work on the same ideas or theories. How is it decided which scientist to give credit for a particular discovery? What are ...
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Who was this person in the Early Modern Period who wrote a manual on writing "good science"?

In a history lecture a while back the teacher spoke about a person who wrote something that (to me) sounded like an instruction manual on how to write "good science". The basic point was ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What was so hard about discovering/inventing the number zero?

This question's pretty simple really. A concept of the number 0 is a major landmark that's used when discussing advanced civilizations in pre-modern history. It was something that civilizations came ...
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Resources to learn about the state of academia in the early 1900s?

Was not sure if I could ask this in the Academia Stack Exchange as the question is a little bit meta, so HSM looked like a more appropriate place. Apologies if that's not the case. There is currently ...
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Is there info on how Mayans invented hard rubber?

I know they had balls from the rubber trees mixed with morning glory flowers. A technology that was lost when the European colonizers came. But was there any info on who made this discovery and how?
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2 answers

In Middle Ages Europe, Physical scientists referred to the "Queen of Sciences"; what was this?

We often hear scientists write of the Queen of Sciences. To what were they referring? And is it relevant in today's research?
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Have there ever been any schemes for the classification of experiments?

There have been several book classification schemes, for example: Dewey Decimal, Library of Congress, etc. Have there been any experiment classification schemes, i.e. sets of criteria by which to ...
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