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Examples of when the professional scientists or mathematicians were wrong, but the nonprofessionals were right

What are the most glaring examples — if any — of when the professional scientists or mathematicians were wrong, but the nonprofessionals were right?
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What did the Soviets do with German scientists after WWII?

The U.S. picked up a whole bunch of German scientists after World War II in Operation Paperclip. One of the most notable was Wernher von Braun, who jump-started the American space program. The ...
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When did the names of scientists first become the names of scientific units?

Many scientific units are named after scientists, for example, Tesla for magnetic flux Farad for capacitance Newton for force. When did the tradition of naming scientific units begin?
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Is it true that Albert Einstein was kicked out of high school due to his "peacefulness"?

In an interview I recently saw with Joseph Agassi he said that: ...The teachers that kicked him out asked that it be written in his [Einstein's] report card that they have no complaint against him. ...
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Why were 20th Century German scientists so impressive?

German (and Austrian) scientists of the late 19th - early 20th centuries seem to have been the backbone of most of modern physics - namely quantum theory/mechanics. The following are a few predominant ...
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What are some early examples of large international scientific collaborations?

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN is well known for being one of the largest international collaborations to look for fundamental particles. Other big collaborations include the International ...
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What films and fiction give realistic historical portrayal of science and scientists?

I am looking not for documentaries or biographies, those are easier to find, but for well written fictionalized but realistic portrayals of scientists and their work. These are hard to search for ...
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Scientists with exceptionally good or bad memory

I'd like to know about examples of prominent scientists having exceptionally good memory, with anecdotes if possible, and how it affected their work. It would also be interesting to see examples of ...
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Which German scientists had their Nobel Prizes seized during World War II?

George de Hevesy famously dissolved the Nobel Prizes of Max von Laue and James Franck during the German invasion of Denmark. The Nazis had prohibited any German scientist from receiving or keeping a ...
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Famous scientists in the Nazi party

Can anyone give a list of famous scientists in the Nazi Party? Is there a complete list?
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Who proved Rank Nullity Theorem?

I have been learning about the Rank Nullity theorem and was trying to understand Who came up with the rank nullity theorem? While i did look up on the internet i came up with almost no answers. Some ...
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Great scientists with chaotic private lives

In the arena of art, it is not uncommon to find great writers, composers or painters who suffer from chaotic personal lives (e.g., lifelong alcoholism, addiction to prostitutes, stormy marriages and ...
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Identification of scientists in de Gennes book

Petit Point: A Candid Portrait on the Aberrations of Science is a charming book written by the French physicist Pierre-Gilles de Gennes containing short essays on some of the prominent scientists that ...
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What is the oldest open question solved in mathematics?

In mathematics, 1760 Plateau's problem were solved, but it was only in 1930 that general solutions were found in the context of mappings (immersions) independently by Jesse Douglas and Tibor Radó. ...
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References to Scientists in Art and Poetry

Is there any collection or list of artworks both literary and visual which make homage to Scientists(Mathematicians and Physicists specifically)? I am not necessarily thinking of portraits, instead ...
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Scientists who made a mark in the world despite their disabilities

Stephen Hawking is a famous scientist who despite being disabled made a big contribution to the scientific world. I want to know other such scientists who have a big influence on us.
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What are Steven Weinberg's contribution to physics other than electroweak unification?

What are Steven Weinberg's contributions to physics other than the Nobel-winning work on electroweak unification? Why is he so famous and respected among particle physicists compared to other Nobel ...
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Is there any scientist whose work was not recognised during his/her lifetime and was underestimated?

A lot of people have contributed to the development of science (which includes mathematics). I have read that Newton's popularity was powerful enough to dominate the wave-model. Similarly, do we have ...
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Where can I learn more about intellectuals who were wrongfully harmed for their correct theories?

Epistemology and philosophy of science reference intellectual, sagacious, scholarly vanguards such as Michael Servetus (who correctly explicated pulmonary circulation) and Dr Ignaz Semmelweis (who ...
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Famous messy scientists

Which scientists were known to be messy? I know of Albert Einstein: And of Jean Piaget: Are there other examples?
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How was the direction of current flow determined in the first battery or the first voltmeter?

I read Franklin started the positive negative naming convention of electricity. Now early scientists had to pick a direction for the battery and voltmeter. I don't understand how this was done. If you ...
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Canonical examples of successful scientists giving detailed advice about doing science/mathematics?

I've read this long transcript of a speech given by Richard Hamming: It was an amazingly good speech in my view, and extremely interesting. ...
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Founders of undetermined forms [duplicate]

Who are the people actually 1st to mention about undetermined forms like 0^∞ or 0/0 or ∞/∞ etc . In which books these forms are mentioned and if the people were not known specifically , mention the ...
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Theorem or equation self-named after the same person that published it? [duplicate]

In the history of science, has there ever been a theorem/equation/law that is named after a person and has been coined that name by the same person? Example: let's say somebody named Trevor discovers ...
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Was Tesla the only scientist whose possessions were confiscated by security services?

Tesla, especially later in his life, was constantly monitored by the FBI. When he died, all his notes and other belongings were taken and, for a very long time, nothing was returned to his family. Has ...
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When Was The Leidenfrost Effect First Demonstrated By Touching Molten Metal?

The Leidenfrost Effect is a described as follows on Wikipedia: The Leidenfrost effect is a physical phenomenon in which a liquid, close to a surface that is significantly hotter than the liquid's ...
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Why we got so many geniuses after 19th century? [closed]

Albert Einstein was a genius, Kurt Gödel was a genius, John Von Neumann was a genius (I hope that people over here will share the meaning of "genius" which I understand, for me I always find ...
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