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Luis Miramontes helped enable the sexual revolution. Why isn’t he better known? [closed]

Why, then, did Miramontes remain an obscure figure? He was a student at a time when science was especially hierarchical. And the fact that Searle beat Syntex to market cut Mexico — and Miramontes — ...
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What is the (economic, social) value of STEM archives?

I'm trying to convince my institution to improve their internal Computer Science archives, and want one of my argument angles to be based on empirical value-adds of archiving. History, library science,...
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Are there overproportionately many clergymen in mathematics?

Many prominent mathematicians like Barrow, Cavalieri, Wallis, Moigno, Bolzano, Bayes, Venn, Gerdil were clergymen. Are there investigations in the social sciences about the percentage of clergymen in ...
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