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Kolmogorov on frequentists versus Bayesians

What was Kolmogorov's attitude regarding the frequentist versus Bayesian statistics controversies? Did he ever write or speak about his own views on Fisher or de Finetti, Jeffreys, etc.? Or were those ...
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How far did the Great Terror reach into Soviet mathematics?

While reading about Borel sets I came across comments regarding the Luzin Affair, when Luzin was the subject of various accusations made by colleagues. These accusations appear to have been both ...
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Soviet atomic bomb development — advantage of knowing it could be done, was this ever said by any Soviet scientist?

I have heard it said that even if Fuchs had not provided details which must have been invaluable — just knowing, for example, that implosion and explosive lenses were employed without any further ...
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Did the Soviet Union have their own discoveries in the development of semiconductors and the semiconductor industry?

After the Second World War Russia had a vastly larger number of students being trained in their universities compared to the United States around the time of the International Geophysical Year in 1957....
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Did the Soviet Union emphasize nuclear physics over biology?

Some friend from Georgia told me that in every village of the Soviet Union there was an expert in nuclear physics. By contrast, the Soviet Union did not invest into biology at all. As a consequence, ...
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Who blocked publication of "Mathematics in USSR. 1958-1967"?

A while ago, in USSR there were published two very voluminous collections entitled "Mathematics in USSR for 30 years. 1917-1947" and "Mathematics in USSR for 40 years. 1917-1957". These collections ...
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What did the Soviets do with German scientists after WWII?

The U.S. picked up a whole bunch of German scientists after World War II in Operation Paperclip. One of the most notable was Wernher von Braun, who jump-started the American space program. The ...
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