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Is string theory today facing the same backlash that atomic theory faced during its inception?

I read in this Quanta article that although many critics say that it is far removed from nature, it has developed many powerful tools. Furthermore some don’t care if it’s a theory of everything and ...
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Exact quote (and source of) by John Conway regarding the action/origin of the Monster?

I vaguely remember reading a quote/listening to a statement by John Conway which I can paraphrase as follows: "I do not know what object the Monster group acts on, but it seems to exist because ...
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Who was the first scientist to develop the concept and mathematical formula of string theory?

I was just looking at a YouTube Video interview with Leonard Susskind and did not realize he was the first to discover stings in string theory!
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When Was Kaluza-Klein Theory Appreciated?

As far as I understand, the Kaluza-Klein theory, despite its unprecedentedly profound and beautiful character, had a modest following in its early days. I guess that two of the many reasons might be ...
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Who is the father (if there is one) of string theory?

I have read a variety of articles and books about string theory that relate the various initial discoveries that ultimately lead to a theory we know now as "string theory" (and its descendants such as ...
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When was string theory first heralded as a theory of everything?

Today, string theory is considered one of the leading candidates - perhaps the leading candidate - for a theory of everything. I'm guessing it wasn't always that way, but I haven't figured out just ...
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