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How did de Jussieu or Linnaeus practically manage the organization of plants?

In 18th century botany, how did taxonomists such as Carl Linnaeus (Sweden) and Antoine-Laurent de Jussieu (France) manage to practically organize such a large number of plant species? For example, ...
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When did they start requiring holotypes for species description?

I know they weren't required in the early 1800s but obviously they are now so just wondering when this started being required and/or who coined holotype. Internet research yielded no good answers.
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When were cephalopods assigned to the taxonomic phylum Mollusca?

I am fascinated to read about the evolution of cephalopod intelligence while I understand why cephalopods are mollusks (e.g.,, but I cannot easily find when ...
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Why did Linnaeus equate the phoenix, the mythical bird, with Phoenix, a palm genus?

I've been reading about the "paradoxa" section of Carl Linnaeus's Systema Naturae, where he debunk some of the more far fetched ideas about animals. Wikipedia includes this translation of what ...
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How did the discovery of the platypus affect Linneaus' taxonomy?

I heard there was a lot of controversy in the royal scientific societies when the first specimens of platypus were shown. How did this affect the taxonomy of animals used at the time, if at all? Has ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What are the early examples of taxonomies in the history of science?

When you think of taxonomies, the first thing that comes to mind is Linneaus. But taxonomies were and continue to be used for all kinds of classification, from biology to astronomy and even ...
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How much of a conceptual leap forward was 'Systema Naturae'?

Binomial nomenclature, and with it modern taxonomy, is said to have appeared with Carl Linnaeus' Systema Naturae (1758, the year during which the 10th edition of the book was published, being Year 0 ...
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