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Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) was a Serbian American inventor and engineer who discovered and patented the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating-current machinery. He also developed the three-phase system of electric power transmission.

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Tesla tried to replicate Hertz's experiment?

Jan Rak, in his NAMI-tech SEM 2023 lecture (@12:53), claims: However, at the time Nicola Tesla […] was trying to replicate the Hertz experiment, and he was unsuccessful. He discovered some other ...
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Attributed quote to Nikola Tesla

In many serious engineering and scientific publications including IEEE publications, we see a quote attributed to Nikola Tesla which goes like this If you want to find the secrets of the universe, ...
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Was Nikola Tesla aware of Maxwell's equations?

Was Nikola Tesla aware of Maxwell's equations or Heinrich Hertz's experimental proof of the former when he worked on his radio device invention?
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Demystifying Nikola Tesla: Scientifically sound, historically accurate biography

As any physicist knows, a lot of amateur science afficionados out there bring up Nikola Tesla in rather fantastical ways. There are indeed a few reasons for his near mythical status in popular culture,...
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Was Tesla the only scientist whose possessions were confiscated by security services?

Tesla, especially later in his life, was constantly monitored by the FBI. When he died, all his notes and other belongings were taken and, for a very long time, nothing was returned to his family. Has ...
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Why did Tesla disagree with Einstein?

Both Tesla and Einstein were brilliant scientists. Tesla said the following on the theory of relativity in a 1935 New York Times interview: "The theory, wraps all these errors and fallacies and ...
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Why is magnetic flux density named after Nikola Tesla?

I have my respect for Mr Tesla, but it seems weird that "he" was chosen to be the units of magnetic flux density. I mean, he didn't contribute much to magnetic fields theory, nor did he work ...
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