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Vladimir Igorevich Arnold (1937–2010) was a Soviet mathematician who made important contributions to various fields of mathematics.

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Does Arnold say that Hardy is responsible for Ramanujan's untimely death?

In Yesterday and Long Ago (2007), mathematician Vladimir Arnold wrote: When I resided at Cambridge as a senior fellow of Trinity College,Indian colleagues told me some details of Ramanujan's ...
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Some references for Vladimir Arnold's thesis "Mathematics is a part of physics"?

The mathematician Vladimir Arnold claimed that mathematics is a part of physics. I am aware of Arnold's On Teaching Mathematics where he stated this view, but is there any piece of writing where ...
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Who is the second person Kolmogorov supposedly thought possessed some kind of "higher intelligence"?

Vladimir Arnold wrote that Andrei Kolmogorov told him the names of the two mathematicians in conversation with whom he "feels the presence of higher intelligence". One of them is Israel Gelfand. Who ...
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