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André Weil (1906-1998) was a French mathematician who worked on algebraic geometry and number theory.

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What was Weil's reaction to Deligne's proof?

How did André Weil react when Pierre Deligne finally solved the most important and hardest of the Weil conjectures ? Is there any written account on this ? I guess Serre's and Grothendieck's (...
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Is there an archive of Andre Weil's papers?

Most specifically I wonder if there is any chance that he kept the notebooks he refers to in his autobiography. Probably he did not. But Gauss kept his diary....
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Why was André Weil in Finland?

E.g. here it says: During the Second World War André Weil was first imprisoned in Finland, accused of spying, then after being returned to France he was put into Rouen prison convicted of being a ...
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Fermat et l'équation de Pell

Does any of you happen to own and electronic copy of the paper "Fermat et l'équation de Pell" by A. Weil? If I understand correctly, this paper can be found on pages 413-419 of the third ...
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