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To what extent were Riemann surfaces a precursor to algebraic geometry?

I read that Riemann started studying the so-called Riemann's surfaces in the second half of the 19th century, introducing tools like meromorphic functions and meromorphic 1-forms. The culmination of ...
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Examples of papers co-authored by parent/child, or siblings

I hope this question is not inappropriate for this site; I found hsm.stackexchange better suited for it than MathOverflow or math.stackexchange. The motivation for it is just curiosity. Question: ...
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First appearance of the timelike cylinder spacetime

Spacetimes with causality violations go back a bit of a way (at least as far back as Herman Weyl's "Space, Time and Matter" in 1922, followed by the Gödel spacetime in 1949), but one of the simplest ...
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What have we learned from Einstein's unsuccessful dream of unifying electromagnetism and gravity?

In the wiki page about unsuccessful investigations of Einstein, there is only one sentence describe his unsuccessful of unifying general relativity with electromagnetism: Einstein spent many years ...
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