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Did Ludwig Boltzmann read Albert Einstein's publication published on Brownian motion one year before Boltzmann passed away?

I’m afraid he no longer cared. According to Boltzmann biographer E. Broda (1981): (p. 9): One might have thought Boltzmann would, after 1900, in lectures and writings refer to Planck’s work on ...
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Einstein's Objection to Drude Model

In the paper Einstein's controversy with Drude and the origin of statistical mechanics: A new glimpse from the "Love Letter" by J. Renn, (1997), we read: The nature of Einstein's objections ...
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What is the difference between Einstein's and Boltzmann's definitions of probability?

He's saying that the hypothesis of "cases of equal probability" is taken in situations ("instances") where the "theoretical picture" used is "definite" enough ...
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