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Does the prototype BB84 quantum cryptography machine still exist?

(Revised September, 2023) Apparently at least as of ~2016 the machine was still in Bennett's office at Yorktown Heights! I came across a video by Karol Jalochowski, who was sponsored by the National ...
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What would happen if an Enigma machine's plugboard were used to map a letter to itself?

In Enigma the wires followed from keyboard through rotors, then through plugboard, then back through the same rotors to lamps with letters. The resulting permutation would be (rotors)(plugboard)(...
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Historical examples of frauds discovered because someone tried to mimic a uniform random sequence

A classical example is uncovering by Kolmogorov of the fraud in the work of a biologist Ermolaeva. This was the time when the Soviet authorities endorsed a pseudoscientific heredity theory of Lysenko, ...
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How the random numbers were generated which were used during world war 2(ww2)?

US Patent 2406031, filed on 21 May 1942, issued on 20 Aug 1946, describes one such technology: A hopper feeds a jumble of transparent and opaque beads past a photocell array. The beads are fed back ...
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