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The shift to other countries being the STEM leaders these days is already happening. China, by 2017, put in 49% of all patent applications of that year, but also more than every other country in most categories. Meanwhile, US dominance has never been as strong since at least 2000 with different fields generally dominated by different countries (incl. Germany,...


James Clerk Maxwell for coming up with his eponymous equations. According to Freeman Dyson: In the year 1865, James Clerk Maxwell published his paper 'a dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field' in The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society...we, with the benefit of hindsight can see that Maxwells paper was the most important event in the ...


Possibly Émilie du Châtelet who was certainly of the right historical period (1706-1740, compared with Louis XV's reign of 1715-1774). Her best remembered achievement was a translation of Newton's Principia which (according to Wikipedia) is still considered to be the standard French translation.


This is a stylized picture of a generic pretty lady of the mid 1700's, created in the mid 1800's to illustrate a sentimental poem in a book collection of such for the amusement of genteel young ladies. It is not a portrait of any particular person. A modern equivalent would be the cover illustration on an airport novel. The original of this image, ...

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