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Original mathematical foundation of Dirac's function

I found another, later paper which also references the Schwartz item that @sand1 commented as well as another paper by Schwartz from 1945. The reference paper is: Historia Mathematics 10 (1983) 149-...
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Dirac’s debt to Hamilton

I'd wager that the ambiguous reference is to the appearance of Hamiltonian quaternions (as an instance of a Clifford algebra) in Dirac's construction of a square root (of a certain sort) of a/the ...
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Was Dirac really trying to take the square root of the Klein-Gordon operator?

Dirac was a mathematician above all who liked the beauty of mathematics. This is one of the reasons why he objected the ugliness of renormalization theories. You should read Pretty Mathematics ...
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Why is Dirac delta named after Dirac when the concept was already over two centuries old?

It's because of Diracs use of it in QM. After QM was a revolutionary new theory of physics and so had immense visibility because of this. This is very similar to how Einstein popularised the study of ...
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Dirac’s debt to Hamilton

The OP noted in a comment: I don’t know if Hurter is correct, but I stress that he is writing about Dirac in 1925, not 1927. Therefore, the text is probably about Dirac's 1925 article , where Dirac ...
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