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How did Scott and Amundsen detect the South Pole?

I want to add to this answer some details about "measuring latitude". The instruments used are sextant (for measuring altitude of a star (or Sun or Moon) over the horizon, and chronometer ...
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How did Scott and Amundsen detect the South Pole?

I'm certain that Scott and Amundsen didn't detect the exact South Pole but more less reached a position that explorers would think was close enough to count. One technique they probably used was to ...
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Which "experiments to solve geological questions" did Berend George Escher use?

This question highlighted the importance of complete and accurate citations. I spent a couple of hours researching the exact details of the two publications mentioned, after which it took on the order ...
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Looking for early, non-European accounts and theories of volcanism

Joseph Needham wrote an extensive series on books, all titled "Science and Civilization in China", with the various volumes dedicated to different topics. The volumes are freely available on ...
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