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Origin and justification for stating the second law of thermodynamics as $dS=d_{\rm{e}}S+d_{\rm{i}}S$?

Clausius in his "The mechanical theory of heat" discusses what he calls "uncompensated transformation". First he derives that $\int \frac{dQ}{T}=0$ for a reversible cyclic ...
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How did Carnot come up with the idea of Carnot Engine being the most efficient engine?

Carnot wanted to answer two questions about the operation of heat engines: "Is the work available from a heat source potentially unbounded?" and "Can heat engines in principle be improved by replacing ...
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How did Gibbs discover Gibbs entropy?

Gibbs' analysis (see his 1902 book, and the beautifully concise summary of his main derivations in Chapter 10 of The Logic of Thermostatistical Physics by Emch and Liu) was purely mathematical based ...
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