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In Geiger-Marsden experiments how was charge of alpha particle and charge of gold atom found?

As for the properties of $\alpha$-particles, there is some information in Rutherford's Nobel lecture: "Strutt (Lord Rayleigh) in 1901 and Sir William Crookes in 1902 suggested that they might ...
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Do gravitational waves hold the record of longest delay between prediction and confirmation under the same theory?

I'd consider European idea that the Southern Hemisphere had a large landmass near or around the South Pole, referred to as Terra Australis, as satisfying at least some of the OP's desirables. ...
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Early helium spectrum measurements and their challenge for Bohr's quantum mechanics

There is also nice discussion with lots of historic references in an article by Helge Krah from 2009 ('The Solar Element: A Reconsideration of Helium's Early History').
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