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Is there a "Moore's Law" of length-determining apparatuses?

MOSFET scaling gives an idea of how precise semiconductor manufacturing has become. Timekeeping accuracy James A. Barnes, “Basic Concepts of Precise Time and Frequency,” Time and Frequency: Theory ...
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When was the geometric structure of a water molecule discovered?

Császára et al. J. Chem. Phys. 122, 214305 (2005) has a nice table of determination of the bond angle of water per year (missing probably Linus Pauling predicting 90° from quantum mechanics in 1931). ...
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Deflection of the pendulum arm in Cavendish experiment

Cavendish takes the difference of the positions of the "Point of rest" before and after he moves the weights. So when the weights are in positive position, the point of rest is at $24.9$ ...
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