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What did Gauss think about infinite?

Gauss was "against the use of an infinite quantity as a completed one" as pointed out in the comments. Such an attitude goes against the grain of modern set-theoretic mentality where one ...
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Gauss has proven FTA several times. Are any of Gauss's FTA proofs considered rigorous in modern mathematics?

The second proof and third proofs by Gauss, both of which were publish in 1816, are correct, even by modern standards. The second proof is essentially algebraic (the only fact used taken from Analysis ...
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Is Gauss's 1849 proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra a rigorous proof

In spite of the fact that his 1849 article is where, for the first time, the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra is stated for polynomials with complex coefficients, the 1849 proof is just his 1799 proof, ...
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