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Why did India miss the Great Revolution in Maths and Science?

You make a fair amount of valid points however you need to see the progression of what was happening at the time. If we assume that Indian math developed independently you'd see they were at the ...
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Why were extremely accurate sundials necessary in India?

Indian and Chinese calendars are astronomical, in that for instance dates are based on the exact moment of astronomical events. So wheter for instance a new Moon falls one second before or after ...
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Why were extremely accurate sundials necessary in India?

The Jantar Mantar monument in Jaipur was built on the orders of the Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh II, and completed in 1734. Aside from the sundial it has an observatory with various other instruments ...
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Is it possible to narrow down possible dates for the following eclipse pattern?

Since you write that your main problem is conversion of the dates from Gregorian to Julian calendar, let me give reference for algorithms. Jean Meus, Astronomical algorithms, William-Bell Inc., ...
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Was metallurgy of Zinc first started in India?

Zinc is principally known anciently from the production of brass which was widespread in the ancient world. The way that brass is made is that copper is combined with calamine (zinc oxide, a common ...
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