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Who is Rudolf Bach?

Zentralblatt lists 7 of his publications, and recognizes his name as Rudolf Förster.
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Who is Rudolf Bach?

See 2012 republication of 1921 paper: Rudolf Bach was a pseudonym. His actual name was Rudolf Förster. R.Bach Deceased on 1941. See the Editorial note by Hubert Goenner: Rudolf Förster (1885–1941) ...
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How does the science community decide which scientist to credit for a particular discovery?

Squabbles over honor are just as common among scientists as elsewhere in society. Memorable examples include: Leibniz-Newton; Manifold destiny. Plain facts are usually not sufficient to resolve ...
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Why Isaac Newton published his discoveries so much later than he discovered them?

The question virtually quotes some blanket statements about Newton's willingness (or not) to publish, and about when he made certain discoveries, etc. It is true that such statements certainly have ...
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