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What resources are available for lives of recent mathematicians besides E.T. Bell's Men of Mathematics?

About life and work of recent mathematicians: Angelo Guerraggio, Giovanni Paoloni, Vito Volterra, Springer, 2013 V. G. Mazia, T. O. Shaposhnikova, Jacques Hadamard: A Universal Mathematician, American ...
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Who first proved that empty set is subset of all sets?

Giuseppe Peano, Studi di Logica matematica (1897): Il segno $\Lambda$, fra classi, indica la classe nulla, cioè non contenente alcun individuo. Si può definire come segue [The $\Lambda$ symbols ...
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Who are the youngest mathematicians that published an original research article in a peer-reviewed journal?

It feels a bit shameless to write this answer, since it is about myself. I uploaded the first version of the article Maximilian Janisch, Kolmogoroff's Strong Law of Large Numbers for pairwise ...
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