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This is a stylized picture of a generic pretty lady of the mid 1700's, created in the mid 1800's to illustrate a sentimental poem in a book collection of such for the amusement of genteel young ladies. It is not a portrait of any particular person. A modern equivalent would be the cover illustration on an airport novel. The original of this image, ...


The English translation by Kurt Leidecker is referenced as "Wolfgang Pauli's philosophical views", in Main Currents in Modern Thought, volume 17, pages 51-54 (1961). The paper is also cited as "Wolfgang Pauli's philosophical views. Towards a new understanding of the unitary order of the cosmos," pp.38-41. The journal is indeed quite ...


Kinematics was distinguished from dynamics by the Merton school (a.k.a. Oxford calculators) of scholastics in 14th century, who worked out kinematics of uniformly accelerated motion. In particular, they formulated the mean speed theorem (a.k.a. Merton rule) (distance traveled is half the sum of the initial and final velocities, times the elapsed time), which ...


Possibly Émilie du Châtelet who was certainly of the right historical period (1706-1740, compared with Louis XV's reign of 1715-1774). Her best remembered achievement was a translation of Newton's Principia which (according to Wikipedia) is still considered to be the standard French translation.


For sure 'Invariance Theory' would have been a better name. The Einstein papers project is set up to be the definitive source of historical information. The content is available online, and, by the looks of it, has been indexed by Google (and presumably other search engines too). For search engine search one can use: invariantentheorie site:einsteinpapers....


As $BI$ is mean proportional to $BD$ and $BE$. \begin{array}{l} \Rightarrow \frac{B D}{B I}=\frac{B I}{B E} \\ \Rightarrow \frac{B D}{B I} \times B D=\frac{B I}{B E} \times B D \\ \Rightarrow \frac{B D^{2}}{B I}=\frac{B I \times B D}{B E} \\ \Rightarrow \frac{B D^{2}}{B I^{2}}=\frac{B D}{B E} \end{array} $Q.E.D$

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