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Black body radiation before Hertz's observation?

This is a new rewritten answer, after diving more into the contemporary references and finding some modern references. I deleted my old answer, which had information about black body radiation ...
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Are Gauss' electrodynamics laws for charge-charge interaction correct in the limit of low-speeds?

Gauss' formula is very probably correct in the non-relativistic regime, as long as the accelerations are negligible. However, the formula is in fact not fully compatible with Maxwell's equations. From ...
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Onsager on phase transitions

First, the source linked by @Kvothe in a comment provides a wording that is (significantly) different from that in the OP. Second, I can only guess what Onsager meant, but possibly that was about ...
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Famous gypsy/romani physicists?

My grandmas uncle, but I don't think his Romani ancestry was documented after they came to the U.S. He was considered the top on his field. George Ray Wait.
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Mathematization of natural sciences

Pythagoras discovered that simple mathematical ratios were important to harmony. As Xenocrates put it: Pythagoras discovered also that the intervals in music do not come into being apart from number;...
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