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I think I've found what you are remembering. There's a free epub available at google books, "Memoirs of the Royal Society" . Around page 386, I found: Or possibly this one, also free epub from google books. Perhaps they are multiple descriptions of the same thing -- I'll leave it up to you to research these two publications :-)


A significant obstacle to doing an online search for Fritz Peter is that both Fritz and Peter are common as German first and last names. The German Wikipedia provides some basic pointers, such as his 1923 dissertation in Göttingen. Arne Schirrmacher, "Establishing Quantum Physics in Göttingen: David Hilbert, Max Born, and Peter Debye in Context, 1900-1926." ...


–– Note: this currently answers the first revision of the question. The current edit invalidates this answer. It seems to be a bit more indirect than how I read your question. But here are the relevant parts from one such reference: Propagandists echoed and magnified the hatred and suspicion sown by Habyarimana and officials around him. Under the cover ...

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