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Does Fermat's Principle of Least Time imply that he believed light moved at a finite speed?

Yes, Fermat believed that the speed of light was finite, initially in reaction to the muddle created by Descartes, who wanted to have it both ways, the speed being infinite, yet different in different ...
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Reference request concerning an alleged Jewish contribution to the early theory of light refraction, and to the first geometry textbook in Europe

Possible sources : For Dioscorides, we have Moses Hamon that owned a famous Ms of De Materia Medica (later known as : Vienna Dioscurides) and sold it, through Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq (a Flemish ...
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Refraction in Newton's Corpuscular Theory of Light

Consider one description of Newton's theories: (reference: Newton, I., Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 1672, 80, 3075–3087.) Newton introduced the term ‘colour spectrum’ and ...
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