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When did Macaulay rings become Cohen-Macaulay rings?

Actually, the name Cohen-Macaulay rings and Macaulay rings areboth due to Zariski and Samuel (Commutative Algebra, Volume 2, App. 6, p. 396, 1958): Definition 1. Let $A$ be a local ring. The common ...
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Use of the verb "induct" in proofs by mathematical induction

If we search 19th century Google books, "induct on" does not exist with "mathematical induction". Perhaps, the term "induct on N" means to "form an induction on N&...
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The etymology of "radio waves"

The OED asserts that the origin of radio as a stand-alone word arises by clipping earlier uses of radio as a combining form. The earliest stand-alone use that the OED cites is in 1903, whereas the ...

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