Bill Streifer

I'm a researcher and author on topics ranging from the history of North Korea's nuclear program to the history of U.S. intelligence. So I often come across patents for uranium, plutonium, nuclear reactors, heavy water, etc.

I've been published in DCBureau.org, the KPA Journal, NKnews.org, and the American Intelligence Journal four times. My current project is a book on Dr. Fritz J. Hansgirg (who died in 1949). He holds more than 30 patents from hydrogen production to magnesium production. My co-author is Dr. Kenneth N. Ricci, a nuclear physicist from Stanford. The title of the book is "Dr. Fritz J. Hansgirg: Heavy Water and the Secret History of the Atomic Bomb." Half the book is history and the other half is filled with discussions of Dr. Hansgirg's various patents.

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