Etienne Palos

Chemical and Materials Theorist.

Alfred P. Sloan Graduate Fellow (2020)

B.S.Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) (2020)

First-year PhD student in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at UC San Diego in the lab of Professor Francesco Paesani as a Sloan Scholar.

During my doctoral studies, I will work on the development, implementation and application of many-body models for molecular simulations (interested in both classical- and quantum-dynamical) in the gas and condensed phases. I will also continue to work actively in quantum-mechanical materials modeling from the solid-state standpoint.

Methods I am interested in:

  • Many-Body Molecular Dynamics
  • Density Functional Theory
  • Tight Binding and effective Hamiltonian models

Materials I am interested in:

  • Quantum Materials (e.g. 2D magnets, superconductors, Topological materials)
  • Semiconductors and mixed conductors (ionic)
  • MOFs/COFs
  • vdW heterostructures
  • f-Block compounds