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Are there theorems that have been truly lost?

Related: Are there any theorems that become "lost" and discarded over time? Is there a 'lost calculus'? The questions above use the term 'lost' to refer to theorems that exist in ...
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How was curvature originally defined and calculated?

I am interested in the early history of curvature. Who defined it first and when, who came up with the name, how was it calculated before mathematicians used calculus to define $k=|α''(s)|$? Are there ...
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Who discovered the power rule for derivatives?

Who discovered the general rule for differentiating polynomials, in particular that the derivative of $x^n$ is $n x^{n-1}$, and when? I appreciate the answer may not be a clear-cut individual and year,...
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History of the derivative/tangent of a curve

I just want to know the history of the derivative. Whenever I Google for it, I find the history of calculus or the tangent of a curve. However, they barely touch upon what happened before Leibniz and ...
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Who invented differential calculus for rational functions?

Euler mentions in his preface of the book "Foundations of Differential Calculus" (Translated version of Blanton): ....Even now there is more that remains obscure than what we see clearly. As ...
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Who discovered the indeterminate forms like 0/0?

Who discovered the indeterminate forms and how did they discover them? How did someone come to know that a particular form (fraction, product, sum/difference, exponent) is indeterminate? For example, $...
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How did Ruffini discover his method of polynomial division?

How did Ruffini discover his method of polynomial division? At that time was it known that polynomial division works similar to integer division?
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How did the idea of a formal derivation emerge?

Infinitesimal calculus and the introduction of derivatives is often linked to Newton and Leibniz. I was wondering, when and why the idea of studying formal derivatives (e.g., of a formal polynomial) ...
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Historically, how did René Descartes's works affect the invention of calculus?

When the "Cartesian coordinate system" was discovered By René Descartes, Algebra and Geometry were connected. How exactly did that affect Newton and Leibniz in the invention of what we know ...
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History of the origins and development of problems of finding maximum and minimum values of quantities

I am aware that perhaps the earliest source concerning problems of maximum and minimum values occurs in Euclid's Elements. After Euclid, Archimedes of Syracuse and Apollonius of Perga seem to consider ...
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