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Doctrine of the sterilazio magna

What was the "doctrine of sterilazio magna"? Example from 1912 article about the variability of drug effectiveness: "Although the doctrine of the sterilazio magna has only been urged against the ...
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Theories on the beginning of photosynthesis, prior to Lynn Margulis work on symbiogenesis

Prior to the theory of symbiogenesis (heralded especially by Lynn Margulis in the late 60s), how did people explained the presence of chlorophyll in various, separate groups such as cyanobacteria, ...
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When was an eukaryotic cell described for the first time?

Van Leuwenhoek observed the first protist in 1674, but his description of it was somewhat superficial and fragmentary: Passing lately over the Sea at a time, when it blew a fresh gale of wind, and ...
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