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Who identified the four basic types of animal tissue?

It is stated in innumerous introductory histology texts that there are four basic types of tissue - epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous. I have never come across one that provides a ...
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Did Darwin say that the human menstrual cycle length was influenced by the tides?

According to this article from the BBC's Science Focus Charles Darwin thought that the 28-day human menstrual cycle was evidence that our ancestors lived on the seashore and needed to ...
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Who helped Watson and Crick discover DNA?

I remember learning in school that Watson and Crick were attributed with discovering DNA, but also that there was a woman who helped a lot with the experiments who is rarely mentioned. Who is this ...
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Francis Crick and the usefulness of "genes" as compared to molecular biochemistry

In lecture 12 of Professor John R. Searle's U.C. Berkeley class, "Philosophy of Mind", he remarks [18m22s]: We no longer talk mysteriously about how heredity works. We can actually identify ...
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Who was the Northern California pioneer of genetics?

I was telling a friend about a pioneer researcher in genetics who did his work in Northern California around the late 1800s. I was thinking this was in Marin, Sonoma, or Napa County. When I tried to ...
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Darwin's theory of evolution quote?

A typical quote used to explain the theory of evolution by natural selection is: "Variation is a feature of natural populations and every population produces more progeny than its environment can ...
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Did Darwin ever express his views on eugenics?

Although Darwin died a year before the term "eugenics" was coined by his cousin, Francis Galton, Galton had already been working on the idea of using selective breeding to improve humans genetically ...
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