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Was Niklas Luhmann critical of environmental movements?

A number of years ago, during the break at a social theory seminar, someone mentioned that Niklas Luhmann was highly critical of environmental movements. Since the seminar was more about systems ...
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Are there examples where interpretivist findings have been confirmed by (post-)positivist methodology?

Social sciences, especially sociology, embrace a distinction between interpretivism 1 and (post-)positivism 2. Some social scientist embrace one method over the other and some speak in favor of both. ...
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Who coined the distinction, or at least the terminology of white/black/grey propaganda?

It's commonly encountered in in textbooks nowadays, e.g. in Jowett & O'Donnell, Propaganda & Persuasion. But I'm not sure who coined this distinction. I found it mentioned quite explicitly in ...
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What was the structure of first course in sociology?

I read that Max Weber supported the anti-positivist approach to sociology in Ludwig Maxmilian University of Munich. So I want to know the academic structure of the first course he appealed for. I ...
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Which kinds of academic revolutions has philosophy of science indentified so far and when?

Recently, I had an interdisciplinary discussion with some friends about Industry 4.0, internet of things,...which brought up the question, which kind of academic revolutions apart from industrial ...
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How much do Marx's theories of sociology influence modern Western sociology?

From what little I know of sociology, Karl Marx is considered one of the fathers of sociology, along with Emile Durkheim and Max Weber. Marx is most known for his political views, which don't have a ...
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Raymond Cattell and History of Personality Traits Prior 1947

I find that papers reference Raymond Cattell suggesting 16 or 22, etc, traits, by factor analysis (basically regression), including all five of the modern reproducible traits (openness to experience, ...
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Harm of nature vs nurture debate?

I'm taking a class in language acquisition called "Nature vs Nurture". I'm not particularly fond of that framing, because the divide seems overly dichotomous. In addition, the N-vs-N debate has been ...
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What theories/sub-fields have developed out of ethnography?

Ethnography & ethnomethodology, as both being around for quite a while there must be theories/sub-fields which have developed out of these. Coming from an interactionist point of view, I'm aware ...
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What are the early applications of differential equations to social sciences?

I am reading Karatzas and Shreeve (Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus) and on page 128, at the beginning of chapter 3 on Stochastic Integrals, one reads: I can't think of any social problem that ...
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